Gong Yoo Japan Fans Meet (5-Aug-2006)

Gong Yoo Japan Fans Meet (5-Aug-2006)

Lo que sigue ha sido traducido al español por Jenifersinha (original en inglés). Edición Julie.
Si desean postear de nuevo esta traducción en cualquier parte, por favor indiquen la fuente. Por favor no quiten los créditos y texto originales. Si desean traducir a otra lengua, por favor adjunten la traducción original con su traducción. Esta es una forma de respetar el arduo trabajo de traducción de quienes lo hicieron. Gracias por su cooperación ^ ^
Gong Yoo meeting his fans in Osaka and Tokyo early August. Includes interview, singing, celebrating his belated birthday and games with fans.

Here are some translation by love_jesus@Soompi of what Gong Yoo says in the video….

While waiting for the fan meeting to start and he says that he had fan meetings like this in Korea but never one in Japan, so he felt very nervous yet excited and kept thinking of what he should say or do up there to keep the meeting going. He then say that he can usually go with the flow and be himself so that’s probably what will happen, but nevertheless he’s still a little nervous ^_____^

Then, he sings.. yeah!!! It’s so nice to hear him sing again.. 😛 He only sings in fan meets and some variety shows.

The first question for him was what type of girl he likes and one of the audience shouted ‘Sung Yu Ri!’ GY laughs and says that SYR is a very nice and pretty girl. He says that he likes a kind-hearted girl who is more of the affectionate type that will give him hugs and just be there for him with a warm and loving heart. Someone asks if he has a girfriend and GY answers that he doesn’t but he would really like to have one. Then someone asks ‘what about Kim Sun Ah?’ and GY says that it’s been a while since they talked because both sides were really busy and then he restates with honest truth that he does not have a girlfriend.

GY asks the audience who they thought which female star/partner looked best with him. People answered Kim Sun Ah and he asked why, and they replied that their kiss was hot (or along the lines of that). hehe and GY said ‘Oh Kim Sun Ah kisses well.’ and then the audience of course said that GY was actually the good kisser.’ ^^ GY says that that was just acting and he’s not very good in real life. (psh whatever lols)

How does GY relieve stress?
GY answers that he likes to exercise, or play video games and sometimes drink a little and play around with his friends.

Who are some of Gong Yoo’s friends?
GY says Jo In Sung, they met coincidently on the road(?) before he went to Japan. and Kang Dong Won, who they were friends before both of them became famous.

Between the three of them who does the best/worst at games, drinking..
GY says he is the worst at playing (video) games and Kang Dong Won does the best at games. And they all drink about the same, but Jo In Sung does the best and GY says he cannot drink well (with an innocent smile lols)

(i’m not really sure what the question is)
GY talks about how Jo In Sung and Kang Dong Won are both his younger friends but he has a lot of pride and sometimes jealousy of them because he is the oldest out of the three and both of them are really successful and great actors accepted by many people If anything GY wants to be a great as an actor as they are, but he says there’s really no competition between any of them because they’re just good friends and they are like his younger brothers.

(i think the question asks) do you mind if an older (woman) fans or younger fans ?
hehe GY stutters a lot here lols. (its so cute^^) but he says that either older or a younger (woman) fans liked him it would most likely be the same love and feelings towards him so it wouldn’t really matter. He’s just thankful for someone liking him. and he adds in that he really just wants to be a star who everyone will like him.
== translation end ==

Additional translations by ariesw@soompi from Japanese/Chinese post.

GY was asked do you like a spoiled girl (I suppose dependent/clingy sort) or an independent girl as your girlfriend? In the TV series “One Fine Day” (refering to Gun the ‘Taekwon V’) there was a scene where the girlfriend had to be picked up in the middle of the night, how would it be in real life ? Also if the girlfriend is drunk do you prefer the spoiled girl who calls you to pick her up or the independent girl who handles the matter by herself ?

GY answer : Everyone wants an honest answer. Speaking from the heart, I would like a girlfriend who can look after herself. In the TV series drunken call scenario, although in my heart I would be unwilling I would still go and pick her up. Even if we quarrel because of this matter, I feel that a girl who can still act spoiled after being scolded is quite cute. However, I would still prefer a girl who can look after herself well.

GY was further asked : Will you then pick up your girlfriend in such a situation in the middle of the night ?

GY: (Smiles) If there is really no other person in that situation then she should call me. I will then go as quickly as possible.

A fan had a chance to ask GY a question when playing a game and she asked if GY would be very “sympathetic” (this word is Babel translation – I suppose affectionate more appropriate ?) with his girlfriend and GY replied if he had a girlfriend he would be very “affectionate” with her and will hug her close to his chest.

During the games session, one of the fan gets to be carried by GY.. It’s so funny that she got so scared she kept hiding behind the MC.. lols!!



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