*** Credit: SayClub ***

Translation by love_jesus@Soompi.

a short film on love
Gong Yoo’s side.

What would you do if you coincidentally met your first love again..
I don’t think I would be able to say something right away. It could be because of my personality too, but I think I would watch her from afar or if I were in a position in which I couldn’t hide, I think I would be like this character here; i think it would be hard for me to spark up a conversation with her. Specifically, I don’t think I would be able to say something as simple as ‘How are you these days?’ because I would be nervous.

What I would think of as ‘first love’…
I think of first love as an everlasting love. I might be wrong, but I think that the person that I end up marrying is going to be my first love. I think that if it [love] comes true then it will be everlasting. some people say that first love don’t come true, and first love always break. For instance, lets say that I love someone right now and we end up getting married. If someone asks me then who my first love was, I want to respond by saying that my wife is my first love. I view that as first love..

My type of girl..
Probably most guys come up with this, but I like a girl who can be both pure and sexy. What I mean about sexyness is not what I see on the outside.. someone like Sophie Manson[?] or if you’ve seen the movie Unfaithful, Diane Lane, I think she is one. It ‘s not like something to show off, but some kind of sexiness she holds inside of her. wouldn’t that be more than what other people call sexy. That’s the kind of girl I like. She’s probably somewhere out there.

To your future wife..
I want her to be by my side forever, someone I can truly call my first love. I hope that she’ll be forever be faithful to our love and that both of us will try hard.



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