Gong Yoo canta II…


23.- Gong Yoo singing 1.-25-Dec-2008, KFN

24.- Gong Yoo singing 2.-라구요.- 25-Dec-2008, KFN

25.- Gong Yoo singing 1.-01 – 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸-That I was once by your side.-20-May-2009, KFN

26.- Gong Yoo singing 2.-02 -나는 사랑이 뭔지 모르나봐요-I must not know what love is.-20-May-2009, KFN

27.- Gong Yoo singing 3.-03 – 한장의추억-Memories of One.-20-May-2009, KFN

28.- Gong Yoo singing 4.-04 – 다행이-It’s a good thing .-20-May-2009, KFN

29.- Gong Yoo.-아름다운 이별2 (Beautiful Goodbye).- KFN-9 de junio

30.- Gong Yoo-20theme.-KFN- 13 and 17-June Ggong’s 20s theme song

31.- Gong Yoo – Love Is.-Remember Yoo – Love Is…..-05-Sep-2003 MNet This is the coverage of Gong Yoo’s first ever meet with this fans club. Credit: dcGYThe Name (더 네임) – 사랑은 (Love Is)

32.- Gong Yoo – 2 canciones – 다행이다 (Feels Good) de 이적 (Lee Jeok) y 아이처럼 (Like A Child) de 김동률 (Kim dong Ryul)-Fanmeet 10-En-2010. Credito del video:콩자 (반) from DC Inside (ggonggall), resubido por aorly@youtube

33.- Gong Yoo – Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul)– Lately-Fanmeet 10-En-2010. Credito del video:aorly@youtube

34.- Gong Yoo – Nothing Better.-With Yoo 28-Feb-2010 -Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul)-Gong Yoo

Credito del video:nittathai@youtube

35.- Gong Yoo – Canción compuesta especialmente para sus fans.-With Yoo 28-Feb-2010. (sunnychan@Soompi)

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