Magazine de Taiwan – Men’s Uno junio 2011…

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http://mag.nownews.c…?mag=13-88-6075Gracias a Angelie por proporcionarnos la información, no esta segura si las siguientes imágenes son de la misma revista, ya que de las anteriores decía que eran de una revista de Taiwan, y estas dicen que son de una revista de China
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Credito en las fotos

Gong Yoo – The Me Now (but they translate it as “The Way He is” what gives? O_o)

Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince gained him popularity from not only Korea but all throughout the Asian world, however soon after he had to join the military. After leaving the limelight for two years (being in the military), he returned to the entertainment world through the making of a movie although it is not certain that he could still reach the peak/popularity he had two years ago. However, he is prepared for a new beginning and to further display his talents in the next portion of his acting career.

Q: After leaving the stage for two years to serve in the military, how does it feel to come back as a public figure to the entertainment circle/the stage? Do you feel nervous or excited? Why?

A: Because I am an actor, to me, the stage is a very fun and interesting work environment, so of course I am hope to come back. It’s true, coming back to the entertainment industry and filming the first day for Finding Mr. Destiny was pretty nerve wracking for me, however I soon felt comfortable and at ease. Now that I think about being nervous, I think it’s a kind of happy anticipation kind of pressure.

Q: Are you worried that the audience might have forgotten about you?

A: Frankly speaking, during my time in the military, I really didn’t think about this. There were so many fans both within Korea and outside Korea who were all so loving and supportive that I didn’t really worry about that.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future? Are there any dramas that you are planning to act in? You haven’t acted in any historical dramas, do you plan to act in any? You are a Hallyu star with many fans outside of Korea, do you have any plan to meet with any of these fans?

A: I just finished filming for Finding Mr. Destiny, and I already am starting on another movie (The Crucible). I know a lot of fans are waiting for me to act in a drama, but I can’t be sure whether I will act in one. However, I am contemplating taking a role in a drama after filming the Crucible. Whether it is a historical drama or a normal (entertainment) drama, to me, is not very important. The important thing is that I like the script.

Besides Japan’s fans, I don’t have much opportunity to meet with my other Asian fans. If I have the chance, I will try to visit them in other places/countries. But please tell me first, do I really have THAT many fans? Ha, ha ha…

Q: When you were in the military, you were the DJ for the Korean Defense Media Agency radio station. Do you think that was a very interesting experience? Why? If you have the chance again, would you want to be a DJ on the radio again? What kind of radio show would you like to host and why?

A: During my military term, being DJ at the radio station was a very great experience, it helped me grow a lot not only as a person but also as an actor. I was very fortunate to be able to share my feelings with so many artists and musicians, and I had a chance at the radio station to hear so many great and heroic stories. Once I am older, and more mature with more knowledge, I hope to host a late night show, to discuss music and movies.

Q: Recently, you were in a romantic comedy film Finding Mr. Destiny, can you talk a little more about the role you played in this movie?

A: My character is named Han Gi-Joon and is a man who started an agency to help others find their first loves. He’s very inflexible and unaccommodating, and he’s also pretty much a germaphobe (mysophobia). However he has a warm and honest heart.

Q: In the movie, you acted as someone who started a agency to find people’s first love (officially named “Finding Your First True Love Company”), the agency’s main aim is to help others find their first loves. Can you share with us your first love? When was your first love and how long were you in the relationship for? What was the result?

A: I don’t really remember my first love, my first love to me doesn’t really have much importance/meaning.

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Crédito de la traducción del chino al inglés: silver_moon525@YooHouse

Un pensamiento en “Magazine de Taiwan – Men’s Uno junio 2011…

  1. Hermoso,hombre,excelente Actor,excelente Modelo,y si estamos mas que ansiosas por verlo en un nuevo drama,ojala se nos conceda pronto!!!


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