Gong Ji Cheol como conductor en próximo evento…

Gong Yoo va a hacer de conductor en próximo evento el 20 de junio. Gracias a la fan Hiro de Japón por la info!!!, aquí les dejo el mensaje:

Hi! Julieta~(゚▽゚*)
Yes, Yoo is going to act as MC of the concert.
It’s held on June 20.

“A defense of the fatherland concert ”
* The date and time: 20th.June 2009 , Saturday pm 8:00
* place:The outdoor specially installed stage in front of 현충문(A turf open space)
* Seats: 5,000 seats of scales
* MC: Gong yoo, 최현정(Announcer MBC)
* Appearance: Department of Defense military band,성시경, 싸이, 김장훈, 백지영, 2PM, 애프터스쿨, 박흥우(바리톤), 김혜란(소프라노)
* A situation(Entrance) : Free entrance (situation (entrance) is possible from time at 06:00 in opening time.)
* A notice matter
– Because parking space is understaffed, please use public traffic.
– Detailed matter 02-811-6332



Seoul National Cemetery HP


Do you understand?
My English is no good.

Entre otros actúa Psy, After School, 2PM, Sung Si Kyung, Gim Jang Hun, Baek Ji Young.



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