Resumen del 14 de enero de 2009…

[14-Jan-2009] Summary of Radio Show on 12-Jan-2009

Translation summary draft by Jessie. Re-edited by Angelie based on explanation and clarification from Jessie.

If YOOGals wish to re-post the translation elsewhere, please indicate the source. Please do not amend or remove the original credits and text. If you wish use it to translate to another language, please attach the original translation along with your translation. This is a form of respect to YOOGals who have worked hard for the translation.
Thank you for your co-operation.

1.—— Story Introduction —————————————

Ggong feel high/happy on Monday because he had a good rest during weekend and he can DJ together with PSY. Especially today, he reads messages and stories happily. He made many kinds of reactions/expressions which listener wish for, like singing Happy Birthday for a Japanese listener. Her husband asked Ggong to sing for celebrating his wife’s special day. Moreover, Ggong made a sound like blowing out the candles.. hu hu hu hu…

Making steam of breath by blowing (on listener’s frozen hands) through his mic…ha ha ha ha… After he did that, he said “Arrrrrr, It’s strange. Seems like I am making a prank call as if I’m a (sexual)pervert.

He also said that he had seen some posting like “If we were to propose to him on Monday, he might say yes” at a certain fan site. He said he laughed a lot after reading it that time. Therefore, we can feel how happy he is on Mondays. (* If there is anything we want to ask Ggong to do, should we ask him on Mondays??? ^^; *)

2.—— With PSY —————————————————————————

Ggong gave PSY a T-shirt as a birthday present, so PSY came to the studio wearing it. PSY thanked Ggong and he was very satisfied with the T-shirt from Ggong, who is very thoughtful, as he is a person who hesitate to choose stuffs. Actually, PSY is too plump to fit in his size at once. Then, Ggong’s sense for clothing made PSY fit into the shirt in just one time. Moreover, the size of the T-shirt is Medium, not Large. The T-shirt made PSY look better and slimmer (hiding his pot-belly). Then Ggong said “I thought if the size suits you, this will be very nice for you. By the way, it fits your shoulder line and width, not too squarish”. After that, Ggong looking at him, spoke English…

Ggong) You’re so sexy. Oh yeah, so cool, so sexy, so hot.
psy) I appreciate that, brother!
Ggong) It’s my pleasure, man… Oh yeah…
go,go, go…. Let’s go counseling!

Text message received: ” Both of you always finish your English conversation with words “my pleasure”. I can also at least answer “my pleasure, man~”

Ggong) We want to be close to you easily because we don’t want to get aversion from you ( *meaning they want listeners to have good feeling for them.)
psy) Actually, I lived in America for 6 years. If I decide to speak English for once, I can continue to speak with “CNN” style,
so you will feel very different. But I don’t speak that way because I want to be close to you one more step. One day, if I get angry, I’m going to speak more English to you.

While they were counseling a listener’s love story:

psy ) Actually, I think our Ggong seems to have many love experiences.
Ggong) No, I don’t have that many. I have little experiences.

psy) Can you truly say that you have just a little?
Ggong) Yes, I have a little.

psy) Are you going to lie in front of listeners?
Ggong) But I really have a little…

psy) You have little experiences but you love deeply.
Ggong) Yes, I can say that way. Although I have a little experiences but it’s not a short love relationship. The shortest is for one year?

psy) oh! is it?
Ggong) Yes. one year.

psy) Then, how long is the longest relationship with your girlfriend?
Ggong) It might be about 3 years?

psy) You go out with girlfriend for a long time. humm…
Ggong) If I didn’t fail to love, we might have had a baby?

psy) Humm.. I’ve heard you have a baby… from somewhere.. ha ha ha ha…
Ggong) Ohhhhhh…! Oh my God! It’s a just a joke though, you made the joke too strong. Your joke is too excessive.

psy) This time my joke is a bit strong, isn’t it?
Ggong) Ahhh… well, just that I might not know… ha ha ha ha ha…. Ah.. I’m so sorry. We went too far for a joke.

psy) If you have a son, what do you think about the name ” 공칠” (/gongchil/ means that word pronounciation is the same as number 07)
Ggong) ME?
PSY) 공공칠 빵” (/gonggongchil bang – that means 007bbang!! *his surname (0 ), given name 공칠 (07)= like a movie “007 “)
Ggong) bang~

Counseling story from listener (ID: Ggongnim is mine) who is a high school student and she has been smoking for 5 years.
Now,she wants to stop smoking but it’s difficult.

Ggong) I stopped smoking since Jan.01.2009. It just past 11 days, but I can feel that the color of my face have brightened and my lips color is getting red. It’s not dark or dry anymore.
If we were to get rid of nicotine acid from our body, we have to stop smoking for twice the period of how long we have been smoking. Therefore, I have to stop smoking for 20 years coz I’ve been smoking for 10 years. That is, at least, if I become 50 years old, I’ll be as healthy as non smoker.
So, if you don’t want to stop, keep smoking continuously. If you want to stop, stop smoking immediately!!

psy ) Yes,, you end it strongly and clearly. You’re good!!
But I’ll keep smoking a little longer.^^ ha ha ha ha…. See you next week~



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