Resumen del 10 de enero de 2009…

[13-Jan-2009] Summary of radio show on 10-Jan-2009
Translation by Jessie. Checked and edited by Angelie based on explanation and clarification from Jessie.

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Ggong read message about cooking

Ggong) I’m not particular about food. I like to eat all kind of food. I think the course/process of cooking is awesome because we can eat yummy food through the cooking. I want to have the right touch at cooking and learn how to cook well. I’m really good at cooking Kimchi Fried Rice.

While discussing about marriage after introducing a story about a German children couple – they were 6 and 7 years old then and they wanted to go to a warm place in Africa to have their wedding ceremony secretly without their parents’ knowing…

Soonmok) Gong Yoo ssi! Have you ever thought about marriage when you were a kid?
Ggong) I don’t remember whether I thought about marriage or not.

soonmok) I did, when I was in elementary school.
Ggong) Ohhh…! You remind me of my kindergarten days.

Ggong) I thought I had to marry a girl when I was in kindergarten. I love her and my mother was also in good relationship with her mother. Around the time when I graduated from kindergarten, there was a case I had to dress up, so I wore children jacket with bow tie and had short hair cut with fringe covering my forehead. It was a symbol of nobleness. ^^
narae) Yes, right. It’s the symbol of being rich. Ahh.. you surely look pretty.

Ggong) Actually, now that I come to think of it, well… I wanted to dress up that way during that time. But I didn’t have the jacket, so I borrowed it from a brother who lived next to my house. Therefore, when I wore it, brother’s jacket was too big for me because he was an elementary student. I didn’t want to put on outfit such as jumper or something like usual, and teased my mother to buy me a jacket. I only have an older sister, that’s why I don’t have the jacket. So, the elementary brother’s jacket was very big… Moreover, it’s a checkered stripe jacket, so it looks bigger for me. But I wore it and went there boldly because I had a girl’s love. The girl came and she was also beautifully dressed. I still remember that she was cute, her face was fair, she had truly pretty curly and thin hair, she was a little tiny and frail girl.. hu hu hu…

Angelie’s comment: Myself and Jessie thought that the “image” YOO trying to explain in his story is pretty similar to this pic. Too bad it wasn’t the little girl he love who is standing next to him.

soonmok) What is her name?
Ggong) Ahh… I still remember.. her name is Moon Hyun Kyeong…

soonmok) Oh! Moon Hyun Kyeong ssi..
Ggong) Moon Hyun Kyeong ssi.. I still cannot forget that name.. When I was in the beginning of my debut, I wanted to find the girl on the TV show (TVLove) which help stars to find someone they want to look for, but I found other girl because the TV staff wasn’t able to contact her (Hyun Kyeong), so I couldn’t locate her, not sure whether she went abroad or not.

soonmok) I am very sorry to hear that.
Well, please do say some words because she might be listening to the radio now..
Ggong) Ah… (* But Ggong immediately said it before soon mok finish asking, as if ggong was waiting for the chance all this while, kekeke… *)
“Hyun Kyeong ah~~~~~~, ha ha ha… Moon Hyun Kyeong ssi! he he he… I feel awkward. I don’t know where you are living, you might have got married or you could be a mom of kids since we are of the same age. I feel strange that I address you as Hyun Kyeong Ssi. Although it was almost 25 years ago, I can remember you clearly… well… hmmm… I don’t know what to say.. Have you been doing well? Are you married?.. hahahahaha…Are you enjoying good health? Very glad that I can say hello to you in this way… Belated Happy New Year. Take care of yourself!

soonmok) Well, If you listen to the radio, please leave a message at his homepage.
Ggong) Ahhh… you (Soon Mok) don’t have to do that… Just I want to have it as a memory, you don’t have to…

While they have been talking another story for a long time, Ggong suddenly said:

Ggong) Ohhhh! One more thing come to my mind… “When I was in kindergarten, if people ask me to give Hyun Kyeong a kiss, I could kiss her on the mouth.”

narae) How come you are still telling us Hyun Kyeong Ssi story suddenly???
Ggong) Ha ha ha ha ha… Suddenly the story hit me…
Once our mother or teacher tell us to kiss each other, we kissed happily in front of them, naturally ignoring them I guess…

Ggong) Ha ha ha ha…. Let’s listen to a song…
narae) Ha ha ha ha ha ha… Gong Yoo ssi, you give us big laugh again too.

Ggong) Ahhhh… So sorry… let’s listen.. Brown Eyed Girls sings,
“Hyun Kyeong ah!! Listen to a song ‘Good Day’ …” (* with very tender and pretty voice *)

On the side note, according to Jessie, on the 1-Dec show, Gong Yoo mentioned about that teacher (in the picture above) while talking about kindi teacher and memorable skinship… Her name is Park Soon Ho. He still remember her name, her figure and her warm heart as well. He managed to keep in touch with her after his debut. She’s now over 50 years old.

They talk about a movie “Singles” in the Jung Yup’s movies OST session..

jungyup) What was your dream when you were 19 years old?
Ggong) I thought I don’t have to repeat the college entrance at least. That was my dream when I was 19 years old. The grade I got wasn’t as expected. Of course I didn’t study hard as well. I thought it’s not worth to spend time and money to prepare for exam again. That’s why I won’t go to a college. I thought It’s better not to go to college rather than I cannot go to the college I want to go to. I told my parents that I will earn the money because I have no physical defects in my child’s mind. (* means that ggong think he is healthy, so there’s no problem for him to earn the money not only doing office job but physically hard job as well)
Well, my mom, dad and grandmother persuade me to go to college then, so I end up repeating the college entrance exam after all. I started late in May after I drop out willingly.

jungyup) In Korea, all dreams for these 19 and 20 years old are extremely limited to college entrance exam only…
That’s a reality in our country.
Then, what was your dream when you were 27 years old? Was that time you were very popular? You were a big hit..?
Ggong) The words are funny. It doesn’t matter whether it is popular or not. I wanted to be an actor when I was 27 years old.

jungyup) Now that you are already an actor?
Ggong) Now, I also want to be an actor…

jungyup) Wow…You are cool.
Ggong) Now I do too. It’s the same. I still want to be an actor.

jungyup) Yes.. I think music and actor/acting seems to be one-sided love for me and Gong Yoo ssi. It’s like the thing we always want to make it ours, but it doesn’t become ours?

Soonmok teased Ggong about his picture taken in Australia;

soonmok) Gong yoo ssi! I think you like to take a picture holding a surfing board… just holding the board, not surfing. kekeke…
Ggong) You are teasing me about that picture taken in Australia when I was filming OFD. I only act as if I did surfing in that picture. At that time, my body looks good. It was stretchable, strong and tough. But now it is not. My muscle became friable (easily crumbled) and out of shape. So, I started to keep fit again in the camp these days with you soonmok.

soonmok) Yeah… You have been working very hard these days keeping your body fit. When I’m beside you, I can see that your body looks sexy and even shiny. ke ke ke..

…. Complete ….


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