Resumen del 1 de enero de 2009…

[06-Jan-2009] Summary of radio show dated 01-Jan-2009

Translation by Jessie. Checked and edited by Angelie based on explanation and clarification from Jessie.

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— From Thursday’s session of “Shall we share?” —

Ggong read message: “Green-Teabag’s mask will help control pimples”.

Ggong) The other day I had three pimples on my cheeks. Now, one more pimple broke out on my face. Well, I’m gonna get “The Big Dipper/The Plow” constellation soon. (* Meaning he will get more pimples on his face)
I’m too old to revitalize my skin. Therefore, my revitalization is slow. kekeke… Yes. in fact, good skin is no use to a soldier.

— Tearliner brought singer Taroo to his “Indie Music World” session —

While discussing about:
1. Whether music or acting could become a main job or not?

Ggong) When I was a middle school student, I wanted to be a “copywriter” as my future job, drafting details of my plan like what subject should I major in, which company should I work at… at that time that kind of job was not known well to middle school student. ( * Because other students didn’t draft details of their plan like him.)
But when I was in high school, I had to give up because my grade was not good. Well, now.. it’s different from my goal, but acting is also similar type of work like a copywriter. Only I am inside of camera, not outside of it. In fact, I wanted to look into something from outside the camera, not in the inside.

T.liner) It’s not your study grades, your appearance didn’t leave you as you become a copywriter, huh?
Ggong) ha…You finish it all clearly. hahaha!!

2. Getting to know about myself whom I didn’t even know while acting…

Ggong) There are times when I’m surprised with myself. It’s not because I acted very well… There are also times when I get out of/deviate from the category of my character. I’m a little embarrassed when I have wide spectrum of acting which is beyond my expectation. It’s a new feeling of exhilaration when I get to act as something I’m not, in front of the camera.

3. How to overcome our slump/down moment

Taroo) I tend to listen to my first singing to remind myself during that time.
T.liner) I don’t have any particular time which I feel down because I didn’t shine as a musician as I only have shallow compositional technique… Otherwise, I feel from the part/inside of mentality, not outward. To me, I can say I feel slump/down when I cannot sublimate my depression in music.
Ggong) That’s the art!

T.liner) I watched a documentary on TV about how Beethoven, who is sentimental and had a fussy temper, had died. “Lead” was found in his hair exceeding 200% compare to normal people. They said if someone suffer from lead poisoning, he will become deaf, can be very fussy, very sensitive and very distinguished in music and art. I think he had music consuming his life, thus it seems like it’s right that person who do “art” tend to be more sensitive and more emotional.
Ggong) In talking, people call together music or acting as “art”. People do not understand the whole “art” thing.

Taroo,T.liner) You look “꽁” introverted in mind. You seem like you’re not satisfied with something.
Ggong) When I was pure and simple, I wanted people to appreciate it first by themselves, like “How come people don’t understand or recognize it?” This is not good though. Now, I get to give up because I had a long social life and I live in reality. This is also an excuse after all though. My saying from my mouth is, if I speak much more gracefully, “Yeah, well, if you don’t like, then, please go.” or “Come if you like”. Although I do not stop people or welcome those who like me, I think I don’t want to have them sit down in front of me. That’s why “If you don’t like, please go”. However, I don’t think they can speak ill of me than is necessary and I think they absolutely will not speak a word that they must not say. Even though some people might tell me that I am unlike professional actor, I don’t think that way.. Maybe it’s also because that I’m lacking in social life.
I think it is right that I have to be first most comfortable expressing something and if I do “art” that I can show. So, I guess that habit that runs deep gradually.

T.liner) Perhaps others will be the same..?
Ggong) Sometimes I have a feeling that I’m afraid of relationship between people and people. If it is severe, I will be caught in unsocialableness. Seriously, I want to run away and hide from the people. I guess all those who do art feel the same…
T.liner) Therefore, I feel pity for them and always think I won’t show myself on TV or the press. I am not able to adopt the way of life well… hahaha…

Ggong) By the way, there are people who take it very well. Looking at them, it’s surprising! I can pretend to follow it well, but behind it, my heart becomes heavy. That’s why I’m always in trouble alone.
T.liner) Since I’m just beside Gong Yoo ssi, when I look at him, I think it seems like he’s that way.

Ggong) Well, I guess it is the merits and demerits of an artist. I love the sensitivity I have for acting, although it is difficult for me to have a social life.

T.liner,Taroo) Yes, that’s right…
Ggong) I don’t know what to do, so I hide out somewhere. Phew… it’s getting serious. Let’s listen to a song by Tearliner..^^


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