Resumen del 24 de diciembre de 2008…

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[30-Dec-2008]Transcript for “Ggong and Star” on 24-Dec-2008

— Yoon Eun Hye came as a special guest on Christmas Eve —

Ggong) Thanks for coming, please say hello to our listeners.
Eun) Wish you all nothing less than this Merry Christmas, even if these days economy is worst, so don’t get too depressed.

Ggong) Your greeting is so good.
Eun) I do a good job, don’t I? just like veteran.. hahaha!

Ggong) You know my program title, huh? Can you tell me?
Eun) Gong’s 20

Ggong) It’s an abbreviation.
Eun) With Ggong and stars? Ha ha ha! what is that?

Ggong) Gong Yoo’s awaited 20hrs.
Eun) Ah… ah… I’m so sorry.

Ggong) You have to know just title if the person you collaborated with went to army and take charge of DJ though. Guess I’m afraid of being scolded from Eun Hye ssi fans. Since you are my guest at least today. You’re a last guest in my program. You know that? All guests who appeared together in CP already came here since Gong’s 20 started.
Eun) Yes, heard about it. However, felt very sorry that you didn’t send me any invitation. Because you’re so proud of yourself and then never give me any words about it. So disappointed I didn’t get an invitation. But inviting me at a special day, now I get to be more comforted.

Ggong) If I explain that too long, I’d work my own undoing. I didn’t call you up coz I was supposed to invite you on Christmas Eve, EunHye.
Eun) Also I won’t say too long.
Ggong) If you were disappointed, I’m sorry.
Eun) No, … just for making fun of…

Ggong) So happy that you came and didn’t guess that I could broadcast with EunChan on Christmas Eve.
Eun ) Long time no see. we…
Ggong) about a year and half month..
Eun) Yes, right.

Ggong) How’s it going?
Eun) Was very busy.

Ggong) You must be busy. I know it, even if I’m a soldier.
Eun) Therefore, I’m gonna treat you delicious food.
Ggong) No, You already treated me so much.
Eun ) Yes, right. I spent a lot of money too much!
Ggong, Eun) Pup..Ha hahahahahaha!!
Eun ) Think that I worked so much. Have been looking into next project, designing clothes, featured in some songs during my break.

Ggong) I saw you on TV too much not willingly. Whenever I turn on the tv, You appeared a lot in tv commercial and singing.
Eun ) Hence, at that time you said like this;
Ggong) what?
Eun) You’re sick and tired of me”.. pls stop appearing on tv..

Ggong) Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!
Eun) If you say like this on air, only oppa’s image would be damaged.
Ggong) Think so.. aigoo.. CP people are the same.
Eun ) Tell me about it, huh?
Ggong) If I invite them, I’d be damaged. Cause they talk about me plainly, then a naked fact of my foolish act will be exposed all over. I guess…
Eun ) No, because we’re family.

Ggong) I like it though, I’m professional. Because I invite you all CP people for broadcast sacrificing myself.
Eun ) Are you staring me down like that? Ha haha!

Ggong) Today is Christmas Eve, huh? What are you gonna do after the show?
Eun ) Actually..
Ggong) Not official things, things you are not going to do officially on Eve.
Eun ) Yes right.
Ggong) About personal things… Pls tell me frankly.
Eun) I’d work something rather.
Ggong) Hum..
Eun ) Think I could be not alone.
Ggong) Ha ha ha ha !
Eun ) So just gonna gather people and drink alcohol. ha ha ha !
(YEH thought she would(had) rather be in broadcast coz she don’t have any personal plan on Eve. If not, she might feel lonely.
Here the official things Ggong expressed means broadcasting. )

Ggong) Party?
Eun ) It’s not that party.
Ggong) Ah…. a neat party with friends?
Eun ) Just will have some chat, and..
Ggong) That’s the best! Phew…
Eun ) Phew.. then they are so pitiful, huh?

Ggong) Uh? They’re the same as you?
Eun ) That’s why I gather them and hang out with, huh?
Ggong) That is “Like attracts like.” comforting loneliness each other.
Eun) If oppa were not in the army, I’d gather oppa also.
Ggong) You would… true! If I won’t be in the army, I could be with you there. Therefore I think we might comfort our loneliness each other.
Eun) Yes right.
Ggong) Hence, after heavy drinking,I will be dragged by you again.. hehehehe!
Ggong,Eun) Ha ha ha ha ke ke ke ke !!

Ggong) Do you have any good or special memory or remembering? When you were young…
Eun) Frankly, I have a remembering for only working except when I was so young. I’ve been working since 16years old. Even now, I’m working!
Ggong) Yes,, Let’s not think it is work. I’m foolish to invite you on EVE.
Eun ) Yes, now it’s fun, too.

Ggong) Just could you think you came to see oppa?
Eun ) So excited to reveal what you are in detail.( ggong told her not to think of broadcasting as work on Eve, just think that she is just visiting him in the army. She’s excited to reveal about Ggong’s behind story that Chae Jung Ahn and everyone else already said. There isn’t any special story in the broadcasting.)

Ggong) Ahh… extremely worried today. Well, all those who came here went back with a keen pleasure.
Ggong,Eun) Ha ha ha ha !!
Ggong) Now, do you know what staff are saying to me outside ? They said “Please, release the tension in the molar tooth.” I seem to talk with my clenched teeth.. ha ha ha
Ggong,Eun) kekekekekekekekKEKEKEKEKEKE!!
Ggong) It was the best when Sun Gyun & PD Yoon Jung came, although you could not listen to it. Remenbered they made me be half-killed coz they are already a bit drunk and then came before show started.

Eun ) Ah… I won’t do that..
Ggong) I hope so!
Eun ) I’ll make you mad.
Ggong) You can offense me and turn back to me again, I think.
Eun ) How come do I hurt your feeling? I’m your dongsaeng. (Ggong wanted YEH to tease/treat him moderately not excessively, after she finished her teasing, it’ll be ok as if she has turned Ggong’s mind/heart back his original place. Therefore, YEH replied she may not dare to tease him that strong, coz she is younger sister.)

Ggong ) Whoa… well… where was I? What I was talking about?
Eun, Ggong) On Christmas season, ah…. !

Ggong) You’ve been busy since you were very young… Actually, being busy is good thing though, on the other side, I pity you.
Eun) I think so, but it’s worth while I can be with many people on holidays.

Ggong) Who with?
Eun) A mass of people?
Ggong ) Hmm…
Eun) I performed concert and sang songs, too.

Ggong) Hmm… Also here, you have warm heart for thinking of fans.
Eun ) Right! Yes, I have good and warm heart like this.
Ggong) I think the guys who worked since they were young are definitely clever.
Eun ) Yes, right! HA ha HA ha !!

Ggong) Wow! We have of questions, this is one of also my question! about next project! Many people are waiting for it..
Eun) Yes, right! as much as you’re waiting… me too! While looking into it, now I started being confused what is good or not, what is interesting or not.
Ggong) You are looking too much!
Eun) Well, spent a lot of time for a good choice I want, sooner or later a good news is coming. I guess.

Ggong) Oh! yeah!
Eun ) Yes.

Ggong) It is.. I’ll be ok if I wait more, actually.
Eun ) No, Oppa, only you can wait that.

Ggong) No… Not only I but if true fan can wait more.
Eun ) Frankly, many people are waiting and most of all, I’m eager for doing it very much.

Ggong) Yeah! That’s ok if you want. Saw your interview about next project on TV MBC Section, you said “I can’t stand the wait.”
Eun ) Yes, I answered like that. I don’t care if I’d be scolded, audience rating is high or not and it’s fun or not, anything will do. I’ll be all right. I just want to do it.

Ggong) Therefore, it’s ok you have the feeling you like. I say this out of kindness; think it is the most important you yourself want to do it. Actually, this is your own work and we act for our various satisfaction and fun. Of course we need to act for mass of people, but I hope it won’t be the main point that we act for people.
Eun) Right. Also I should act project I want, people would..

Ggong) Yeah,…there will be chemistry between you and people. Therefore, it’s ok people for wait a while longer.
Eun ) No! Now, I want to act.

Ggong) Ha ha ha ha ha !
Eun) Why are you so? I want to do!
Ggong) Ha ha ha ha ha! Ok I see.
Eun) If you don’t want to see me, now you should do.

Ggong) Hahhh…………….now I’m reading from the board,

Q) How did you first say hello to each other today?
Q) EunHye hasn’t seen our Choi Han Kyul president for a long time, how does he look today?

Ggong) How did we greet each other ?

Eun) I was calm..

Ggong) Yeah.
Eun ) Seemed to feel a bit awkward with you, I guess…
Ggong) No, I didn’t feel awkward.
Eun ) Though I’m a little… With short hair, slim look, lost a little weight and a dark-colored skin…. well, oppa…
Ggong) My face got to very whiten now.
Eun ) Yes. That’s what oppa said.

Ggong) Yes. we talk to each other like this.
Eun) And we had some chocolates I brought, hahahaha!
Ggong) Q) EunHye hasn’t seen our Choi Han Kyul president for a long time, how does he look today?
Ggong) Look good, huh?

Eun) Good.
Ggong ) My eyes glitter at my slim fit….
Eun) Yes.
Ggong ) Look sharp?
Eun ) Yes.

Ggong ) Q) What is your form of happiness?
Eun ) That’s when I’m doing a work I love and with people I love, and living with fun that I bug them. Like now…
Ggong ) When was your happiest time?
Eun) Of course, when people recognize me or my popularity is important but, that’s when people get to know the whole process of making myself.

Ggong) When they get to receive itself purely without prejudice, huh?
Eun) agree with you!
Ggong) At that time, we’re very happy, huh?
Eun ) Yes.
Ggong) My summarizing is good, huh? Already did it 3months or so ago…. ha ha!
Eun )Yes.

Ggong) What do you want for Christmas gift?
Eun) Formerly, I used to say I want a boyfriend without thinking, therefore, I guess I was happy when I was young. At that time, there was just a doll, backpack, shoes that I want to have. By the way, at one point there, I do not tease my parents to buy something for me these days.
Ggong) Hum… these days? You know why?
Eun ) As being affluent? Ha ha ha ha !
Ggong) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Eun ) No, it could be also…
Ggong) Whoa… you admitted it by yourself directly.
Eun ) No, that’s not rather…

Ggong) I can guess.. now you grow up. Now, you know, you’re in the position of father’s role or not, anyway you get to have economic strength that you can buy something for your parents. That’s why you can be in a giving situation. Your position get to change from receiving to giving.
Eun ) I think so. Whenever on Christmas or other holidays, I get to be in a giving position, but happier than receiving sometimes.

Ggong) Basically giving is happier. You give parents pocket money?
Eun ) Yes.. right. No, I give them everything!
Ggong) Hmm… right. Shall we listen to a song? Is there any song you want?
Eun ) Ah… in my script..
Ggong) Phew…you should pretend to want to listen….Arr…
Eun ) I… I am not too pretentious.
Ggong) Yes. I’m pretentious.
Eun ) Wanna listen to “Salad Day”

Ggong) When the song was released, I heard it in the army, CheolWon. It was good, well….
Eun ) Well, my voice sounds so different?
Ggong) No…, The song was good! not your voice..
Eun ) Yes, right. The song is really fresh.
Ggong) That song was made by Humming Urban Stereo.
Eun ) Oh! is that so? I didn’t know it, but I know they sang it.
Ggong) Please introduce the song directly.
Eun ) Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Kun sing together. “Salad Day”

After the song played )
Ggong) Phew.. .. how come do you sing beautifully?
Eun) Humm… he he he ..
Ggong) Ha ha ha! what is that? Is it deny or confirm?
Eun) Also I’m surprised.. Ha ha ha ha !

Ggong) Heard that you had a hard time when you were recording it.
Eun ) Yes. They asked me to sing beautifully repeatedly. I thought I sang beautiful enough.
Ggong) Yes. you’re beautiful enough. What? You thought that beautiful enough yourself? You sing your own praises?? Today… Phew… aigoo…
Eun) Well, coz I’m feeling good today.
Ggong) Today’s not as usual…. more than.. When the broadcasting coming to an ends, your rating might rent the sky.
Eun) Basically, you know, when I get down, I always say seriously. So want to say with fun…
Ggong) You can say serious talk.
Eun) Oh, I see.
Ggong) We have a lot of time today.

Ggong) Q) from Japan – Have you ever go to see your brother in the army? Have you ever sent him any other present, not your autograph? Please give some greetings to Korean soldiers. Wow.. there are lot of questions!
Eun) As seeing this question, I seem to be a little indifferent sister.
Ggong) You never went to see your brother.
Eun) Yes. Was really busy.
Ggong) Yes. you were, huh?
Eun) He he he he… Why? Really gave him the signatures as much as he wants.
Ggong) If then, it’s ok.
Eun) Right. At first he wanted me to see him, but he told me not to come since he became a senior. I really can’t stand going there.

Ggong) Why did he say that it’s ok if you don’t come? Ah… now he gets to have an easy attitude.
Eun ) Yes. He can keep his composure.
Ggong) Now he suffers no inconvenience.
Eun) Therefore, just he told me to send him only yummy food.

Ggong) Where is he on duty?
Eun) Now he is in HaeNam and as a riot police (or a combat arm) (Jessie: ^^i’m not sure)
Ggong) Wow.. is he? It’s difficult.
Eun) No, it’ll be easy because it’s local province.
Ggong) Now he orders many soldiers there? Isn’t he a sergeant?
Eun) Yes, I think so.
Ggong) What a sergeant!.. Never mind.. phew..
Eun) Though suddenly it’s cold, wishing you all happy Christmas & 2009! Please keep up the good work for us, I always appreciate your work.
Ggong) Yes, that’s good.

Ggong) If you have any question you like, please pick and choose directly.
Eun) Why? We are short in time?
Ggong) No, no.
Eun) Do I have to choose?
Ggong) Just I wanted to do that. Ok, ok,, I see. I will!
Eun) Well, a reason I can’t pick is.. these are sent from lots of fans, therefore it could be as if I only choose all.
Ggong) Then, I will become a bad guy again.
Eun) Yes! that’s it!
Ggong) Gosh…You came with an intention today.

Ggong) Q) ID dreaming girl…Haaaa! pretty ID.. Right after CP, Ggong said Yoon Eun Hye is a passionate actress in his interview. What things did you learn from Ggong-nim? If you can’t pinpoint, what do you like most in Ggong’s acting scene?
Ggong) Though I read it, very ashamed. If EunHye.. oh! said just Eunhye.. Actually, there is nothing Dear EunHye ssi has to learn from me.

Eun) Shall we just skip it? Hahaha !
Ggong) Shall we? hehe…
Eun) No,
Ggong) Well, you don’t say it, only say about the scene you like.
Eun) No, I’ll speak.
Ggong) No.. coz I’m a little bit nervous..
Eun) NO, no.

Ggong) Ok I see.
Eun) You know, at that time, I was really in the learning position and also acted only two projects. Firstly, you led me be very comfortable. Basically I didn’t tend to become intimate familiar with actors or staffs, but PD nim also was very good and GongYoo nim also…
Ggong) GongYoonim is.. also what.. (*you don’t have to say like politely)
Eun ) Then, what do I call you?
Ggong) GongYoo ssi…
Eun) GongYoo oppa, GongYoossi?
Eun) Yes. GongYoo ssi made me feel comfortable coz he has a good personality. Then, I think I could relax as Eun Chan. Keeping time with each other, really I’ve learnt many things from him. Guess you taught me a certain feeling that I can’t explain well with my words. Which is feeling about really truthful acting, not just acting with an actor and I got to have a mind I want to act well like you.
Eun ) What for? You are ashamed?
Ggong) Yes. I’m ashamed.
Eun) Well, this is true.

Ggong) Hmmm… just it is so; As acting is not a matter of teaching and learning, if I could make you feel comfortable, hmm.. that is because we have to work in perfect harmony for our project when we met, as if we are playing ping pong, well.. should give and receive…
Hence, we could have the timing like a giving & receiving and treating each other comfortably. I guess.

Eun) Yes, right!
Ggong, Eun) He he he he he he he he he !!
Eun) Yes, even now I appreciate your help.

Ggong) Phew.. well.. arrrrrr….
Eun ) And the part I love is … now if I re-watch it again, the drama is so refineable.
Ggong) Isn’t it? It’s not countrified, huh? Basically if we see it as time goes on, it might feel rustic.
Eun) Really if just 1 month passed…
Ggong) Right! People might not watch it coz it’s strange, embarrassing.
Eun) Yes.

Ggong) When I was in Cheolwon, on weekend it was released in a row again. as CP DAY..
Eun) Ah! .. is it?
Ggong) It was released all from episode 1 to 17 for celebration of its first anniversary, but I couldn’t watch all, just watched on weekends when I have free time. Even if I was shown in the drama and also after one year, it was still fun.
Eun) Right. If I watch once, have to watch till the end continuously. EunChan’s acting made me have an opportunity to change my real look.
Ggong) It was challenging character, coz it was too different acting than before.
Eun) Yes, right. Many people saw it and thought of me newly too.

Ggong) Q) You started working at a young age, if you have any your own style for taking a view of person, what is it?
Eun) It’s not just taking a view of person, since I’ve met many people, now if I just see them and then catch their character, somethimes it is right, so I can get along with congenial friends. If not I’m shy.
Ggong) Yes.

Eun) You don’t seem to summarize this well.
Ggong) Actually, I’m choosing what I ask.
Eun ) Ah.. now you’re choosing?
Ggong) Because we can’t broadcast all day and have lots of questions, and also we cannot ask you to pick them all, I’m picking it my favorite.
Eun) Ah… well, l like this though, why do you leave out?
Ggong) what! what!!
Eun ) That’s that’s… “You looked nice in the photo with Sarah Jessica Parker”.

Ggong) Humm.. humm.. yeah… is that?
Eun) Q) Honestly, Dear Eunhye, you’re a hundred times more stylish than her.
Ggong) The reason why I didn’t ask… Because many people already knew it and it was said many times…
Eun) Oh! is that reason?
Ggong) Just I thought the question isn’t fresh.
Eun) Hmmm…I was asked like this only twice.

Ggong) So sorry… well, question is

Q) “Dear Eunhye, you’re a hundred times more stylish than her.”
(*he read putting emphasis on it)
Q) Wondering if how you feel with Carrie(?),too?

Eun) This is actually…
Ggong) Please answer promptly. ( *sulking)
Eun) Not only her but I’ve met many famous people.
Ggong) Saw it. Kate Bosworth looked pretty.
Eun) Well, I look prettier, huh?
Ggong) Whoa….. phew..

Eun) Ha ha ha ha! Do you keep making a grim face like that?
Ggong) That much.. actually I couldn’t tell a clever lie.
Eun) Frankly there is a behind story. There was a model who was very tall, so she(he) looks like a mountain.
Ggong) Saw it too!
Eun ) She(he) put arms around my shoulder.
Ggong) Saw it. Looked like drunk.
Eun ) No.
Ggong) Just kidding.
Eun) Fortunately, other people was almost the same height. Go guess I could be less nervous. Yes, It was very good.
Ggong) Saw the pic. well…even if I’m a Korean man, truly Eunhye ssi looked very pretty.
Eun) When taking photo, I stood a little behind.
Ggong, Eun) He he he he he he.

Ggong) Also your clothes looked very nice that day. Did you have your hair styled like today?
Eun) A bit disheveled hair syle.
Ggong) Yeah… it was not.
Eun ) Yep. What did you see?
Ggong) Ke ke ke ke ke.. he he he … Suddenly it was mixed though.
Eun) Now, a lot of mixed.

Ggong) What.. arrrr….well… what happened? Now! Next question, ID amelia..

Q) If GongYoo ssi finish his duty, would you like to work together again? If yes, what kind of genre do you want to meet him?

Eun) Well.. Even if I want to collaborate, I should yield it for Oppa. Not for me…
Ggong) Humm…. Like saying, you’re improving your image…
Eun ) Yes, I am.
Ggong) Yes, it is. well… I think when you get older, you’re getting smarter.
Eun ) Person should be like that in social life.
Ggong,Eun) Hehehehehehehehe
Ggong) Ok, I see.
Eun) Well.. Frankly, it would be fun though, for each other…
Ggong) Well, I think like this… Later, in spite of not right after finishing army, if our acting could last quite a long time, we might meet again in a drama or movie. Which could be similar project like CP or absolutely different project with a 180-degree turn. It’s clear that feeling or image will betoo different when Eunhye ssi becomes around 30 years old like my age now, and also when I turn mid thirty, you know, well… coz there is a feeling that comes from our age itself. There could be an image that is not the same as now. Well, you might have “femme fatale” image and very fatal..
Eun) Right, It could be.. now am I different? (*she looks/sounds a little bit angry )
Ggong) Yeah?? Hahahaha! I did say wrong. haha! (Ggong thought he made a mistake with his saying that she’ll be different as she grows older, because she was a bit angry when comment was made on her age.
Ggong should have said “yes, of course” he wants to act with her again at any time, but then, he had unfolded his thought. ….as you know he always has his thought a lot and is too honest. )
Eun ) Hahaha!

Ggong) We should listen to Big Mama’s Christmas song.
Eun ) Wow!!! That’s good
Ggong) Guess you went to abroad many times these days. Please read it with your nice English and New Yorker’s pronunciation.
Eun) Arrrr… Please do it, Oppa! coz your pronunciation is good.
Ggong) Big Mama sings “I wish you a Merry Christmas”
Ggong) Feel better coz we listen to a song that suits for Christmas. Ahh…. I guess it’s just right for Christmas holiday.
Eun) It’s difficult to look around Xmas Trees and caroling as economy is in bad situation. Therefore, very happy to listen to it here.

Ggong) Yes it is.. well, when we getting older, we’re losing any expectation or the fluttering with Christmas, aren’t we?
Eun) That made me angry. When it snowed, very happy that I could say like “wow! what a snow!” years ago.
Ggong) Yes, sing for joy!
Eun) Now I’m not anymore, thinking of dirty shoes caused by snow. It’s no simple matter. If I think that way, it would not good.
Ggong) Yes, that’s it. As I’m in the army now, I come to think I have to clear and sweep away the snow when it falls.
Eun) Oh! My manager said the same.
Ggong) Yes! Anyway, after listening to Xmas song. Much Happier that I can feel Christmas mood.
Eun ) Right.

Ggong) Now, let me see questions again.
Eun) Well, am I going to be the only one receiving questions?
Ggong) Then, what shall you do?
Eun) Ha ha ha … Well,
Ggong) You may sing as much as you want, coz many singers come and sing live.
Eun) Ahh… in advance, what’s the question?
Ggong) If you want, you can say. It won’t take a minute even for setting.
Eun ) Now, you have to ask me quickly, coz my face blushed.
Ggong) Yeah… Therefore you struck a bad patch now. yes…
Ggong said I’m pulling your leg now. He was glad to get a chance that she could be cornered when she sings. So, meaning that he think that she’s in trouble now vulnerable to be teased by him later.)

Ggong) Q) How do you spend your break time?
Eun) It’s hard for me to spend my time with lots of useless thought.
Ggong) Most actors are similar, I guess. Then, once we start, we concentrate on our project again, and then we’ll be busy, then again we can have the moment we get to be calm even though we don’t work. It seems that all these things still repeat.
Eun) Hmmm…

Ggong) While there could be times when we think so much until we suffer from insomnia. If that time goes by, well… We could have a time when peace comes into our mind, therefore it seems to repeat itself. You’re traveling a lot whenever you don’t work?
Eun) Yes.
Ggong) Just think there’s nothing as good as going travel.
Eun) Now, I think I want to travel only, not to relating to work.
Ggong) Humm… Not as working, just for pure travel!?
Eun) Yes. Pure…
Ggong) You have to go alone.
Eun ) Well, I really cannot go anywhere alone coz too much afraid. Then, I might not go out of hotel even a step.
Ggong) Surely, you have to do it, once.
Eun) Why do you force me to do it? Said I cannot. Haha.
Ggong) Ok, I see. Hmm…
Eun) Later I’ll do it with hubby.
Ggong) Is that so?

Ggong) Well… Is the first time you have an English text? No, staff interpreted it to you all the time?
Eun) They seem to write easy one for me.

Ggong) I guess that Indonesians don’t write difficult English for us. The story is roughly…

Q) When are you coming? there are lots of fans here, then come as soon as possible. Coz we want to see you. Don’t make us wait too long if not we’ll be mad. HAHAHAHAHA!! and we love Yoon Eun Hyessi.

Eun) Your featuring was good. you have solo album project, or plan to?
Ggong) Wow… oh, ahh….!
Eun) Of course, I’m good at interpretation.
Ggong) Wow… Cause you’ve been to go abroad a lot!
Eun) cannot speak well.
Ggong) Therefore, it could be our country’s problem of college entrance examination. Most Koreans interpret well.
Eun) To me, listening is very good but I cannot speak.
Ggong) Our problem is speaking. It’s really difficult. Truly, since we’ve been educated that way.

Eun ) Well, I’m..
Ggong) We have to change education for entrance examination.
Eun) Ha ha ha. You really..
Ggong) Yep.
Eun ) Why do you make it serious?
Ggong) Yes.
Eun) I seem to listen well than my knowledge coz I have quick sense. If I just see their look or way of talking, I get to know what they’re saying.
Ggong) Humm… You can guess with a bit hunch.
Eun) Yep. mixing with the vocabulary I know.
Ggong) Hmm… It’s boasting.
Eun) Yep, right.
Ggong) You have that much sense.
Eun) Right.
Ggong) Arrrr…
Eun ) I have good sense.

Ggong) You became to act haughtily since we last met.
Eu ) That is because I’m losing my confidence these days.
Ggong) Now you do image training by yourself.
Eun) Yes. I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m good at..
Ggong) I’m smart, I have sense, I’m better. Well, why must you necessarily do it here?
Eun) It’s the only chance here that I can talk like this. HAHAHA!
Ggong) It’s just like your day, today!

Ggong) I see, let me ask you one more question.
Eun) AH..! Have to reply.
Ggong) Ahhhh… Yep, Yep
Eun) Yes. I’m going to see you soon. Now, don’t have a plan on project album, but if I have a good chance, I would.

Ggong) Q) You said your ideal type is Josh Hartnett and Justin Timberlake.
Eun) Wow…….!
Ggong) Actually, just you’re a fan of them rather than ideal type.
Eun) Yes, of course.
Ggong) You’ve been loving Justin Timberlake for a long time. What looks do you like most? I love Justin Timberlake, too.
Eun) I love Estin Kulture also.
Ggong) Josh Hartnett is the best, I think.
Eun) Do you? I like all.
Ggong) Josh Hartnett is mine! spit! spit! spit! Uh? well, I’m a guy??
Eun) Why do you say that?
Ggong) Hmm… why do I…?

Eun) Also I tend to love an actress. I guess I don’t have any fluttering when seeing an actor. That’s why the fact that a guy loves an actor is right, I guess. I want to follow actress’ fashion, looks, speaking style, etc… About Josh Hartnett, we say like a certain feeling for him?
Ggong) Yes. His eyes are very deep. He is..
Eun) He has an aura that make us feel the thrills.
Ggong) Yep. This guy is fatal to me. I love his style most.
Eun) Ahh… Yes.
Ggong) Ahh.. Didn’t notice? I read along a little bit like him.. ha…
Ggong, Eun) HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ah !!

Ggong) Ah… You didn’t feel it. You can’t compare me with him, can you? I thought I’m proud of doing like him, but people seem never think like that.
Eun ) Well, Josh Hartnett’s eyes are…
Ggong) Do I get it wrong?
Eun) Also I have a feeling about you. Oppa is really fashionable.
Ggong) No, no. I’m not that so. People misunderstood me. Josh Hartnett, he wears simply. I think his fashion style is very simple.
Eun) Yes. His style is simple.
Ggong) And very comfy..
Eun) Well, Oppa isn’t. You adonize yourself!
Ggong) No,.. also I like comfy, now you are… gosh! Never I adonize myself.
Eun) What things are similar to him? hahaha!
Ggong) Hmm..hmmm…Therefore, I seemed to wear wrongly. my clothes.. I thought it’s right and similar to him, and I wore them. But people are… Oh!! They seem to think like this..
Eun) What?
Ggong) Just I wear casually and really comfy and simple clothes, but people couldn’t help thinking that GongYoo is really nice and fashionable.
Eun) Tell me about it.
Ggong) You do think so?
Eun) Yes. well, there is some problem.
Ggong) It’s not my fault.
Eun ) Right.

Ggong) How good I am!… Basically my arms and legs so long. (*high and mighty)
Eun) Yes, right.
Ggong) right? Am I ok today? Now I do well? Ahhh… It’s fun. Saying like this. it’s…
Eun) It’s fun, huh? right?
Ggong) Image Training! I’m good!
Eun) Well, listeners must be asking “what are they doing now?”
Ggong) Yes, they must be..
Eun) We are now doing image training.
Ggong, Eun) HA ha ha ha ha haaaa!!
Ggong) Well… we will keep doing..

Eun) We could do like that coz we’re short in many ways, aren’t we?

Ggong) Pls let us know your plan.
Eun) Also we are not perfect…
Eun) Arrrr… what? Should I go out?

Ggong) Please tell me your plan. I don’t know how to finish off slowly. Should finish quickly… Please give some words for your plan. go ahead! As we don’t have time for you do image training. After broadcasting, you should do it in your car.
Eun) Yep. Once. well, also staff is now telling you that you’d better finish slowly.
Ggong) Yeah..I saw it, too. Tried to finish slowly, but I can’t. Usually I finish just suddenly and quickly, talking too much wildly.

Eun) Very happy to see you and thanks for having me.
Ggong) Thank you very much for coming.

Eun) At first, I was so nervous since it’s been a long time I came to the radio, everyone made me very comfortable, especially GongYoossi helped me a lot, so I seem to have fun and will try to come to people with good news. Please wait for me a little bit more.
Ggong) Ahh…. clap!… I’ll be waiting too. Makes me anticipate your next project.
Eun) I might shoot TV commercials.
Ggong) You don’t have to say that. hehehehe…
Eun) Yep.
Ggong) You made our studio brighten up today as Christmas special. Very happy too. Thank you so much and take care not to catch a cold! See you again.
Eun) Yes. Take care not to catch a cold too, Oppa!!



[31-Dec-2008] Unplugged Live Concert with Tearliner & Tearguitar (25-Dec-2008)

1. “Last Christmas” by Wam, “Novaless” by Tearliner

Tearliner) Please sing together!
Ggong ) Aigoo… arr… Wow!!..Merry Christmas! Feels good seeing both of you sing and play guitar~ I don’t know much about guitar, but you really seem to play it well. Honestly, your song is better than Wam’s.
Tearliner ) Ahh..!! WOW… Coz I couldn’t sing Wam’s song well.
Ggong ) Ah… most of all, you feel comfortable with your song, thank you for your singing.

2. “Killing me softly” by Fugees, “Swing” by Travis

Ggong ) You both play the guitar and singing, what’s your each role? Heard you take charge of lead guitar.
Tearliner) I took charge in rhythm guitar and backing, tearguitar took charge in lead guitar, but we’re both singing together. Generally speaking, rhythm guitar is like this, lead guitar plays like this melody. (* he shows playing guitar sound )

Ggong) This is a just what I wondered. Wow..! He’s an elementary school teacher! You explained it fitting to my level. Hmm… I can fully understand now. Cause I’m at the low level of guitar knowledge. If we inform our listeners of it, they would be liking it. Ahh..!! Glad to hear the band I know.
Tearliner) Ah! Travis?

Ggong) Yes. Well.. I seem to get it after listening to the song.
Tearliner) Could you sing a little bit together? hahaha!

Ggong) No.. Ugh! If perhaps a part I know will be shown,…
Tearliner) Well, We should have prepared the music you already know..

Ggong) No…, Really I want to sing today, but most of all wanna listen to it.. When can I have a chance that I listen to the best guitarists like you just right next to me. arrr.. Am I hanging a leg now or showing my shyness too? Hehehehe! Well, I will sing whatever I know at least!

Tearliner) Heard from Sun Gyun brother that you never let go of your mic in the Noraebang. You keep holding the mic in the karaoke. kekekeke…
Ggong) (sigh) hehehe.. phew… yep. He came to the radio and then half-killed me in my broadcast too, he also seems to say bad things about me here and out there. Now, I think I won’t keep in touch him. KEKEKE…

Ggong) A special Christmas day like this, you came here and sang & played guitar for me, as well as for Ggong’s 20 listeners, don’t you think it’s unfair?
Tearguitar) Tell me about it! Feels like gathering with men only, in the KFN and not other broadcasting.

Ggong) Suddenly feel like crying, melancholy mood, I don’t know what to say…
Tearliner) Otherwise, I feel good! If there isn’t anything and I am at home today, must have watched just documentary on TV all day. I should have brought nice vocalists like Yojo or someone else. hahaha!
Ggong) (looking outside) Manager-nim! It’s not too late yet, you can try it. hehehe!!

Ggong) Well, you’re not married, huh?
Tearguitar) Yes, I’m single.
Tearliner) No, I’m married.
Ggong) Really?? Why I didn’t know ?? … arrr.. I didn’t ask you about it. Then You can watch documentary on TV with your wife!

Ggong) I’m a little ashamed saying in front of two brothers. As I get older, I don’t have any feeling on Christmas and also feels like there’s no hope for it. How do you feel about it?
Tearliner) Basically, I don’t care about any holidays, like today, and I don’t like receiving gift from someone coz I get to feel a certain burden I have to pay back.

Ggong) Oh! I wanted to give you Xmas present, I’m a bit hesistant now coz you said like that.
Tearliner) Oh! no, no.. but for your case, I can receive it.
Ggong) Ha ha ha !!! I’m not sure whether I know you or not. Need some time to get to know you well. he he he…!!

Ggong) Is there any memories for Christmas, have spent the day in tears?
Tearguitar) Whenever Christmas comes, I feel lonely. Guess that the feeling’s intensity is getting severe as time goes by. I should quit music coz I always have to play the guitar for broadcast like today. hahahaha!
Ggong) You’d better get married soon. Suddenly, I’m filled with sorrow. kekeke kekeke hahahaha!!!

3. “Looking at you” by Tearliner

Tearliner) At first, I wanted to make bright song, but after that most songs sound sad.
Ggong) Here, it reveals your personality or your color and true man. kekekeke.. I love to sing songs that are kinda sad and lonely, not fast numbers though. Just myself, I tend to feel the blue.

Ggong ) Hahahah!! After looking at your reaction, I don’t know whether you feel good or not. It’s too hard coz I cannot sense that. ha
Tearliner/Tearguitar) kekekeke.. hahahahaha!!

Tearliner) Aei… ok, it’s ok, you can treat me easily and casual way.
Ggong) Aei… Eventhough you are elder brother?
Tearliner) It’s ok, ok,,
Ggong) He he he he ha ha ha ha kekekekekeke

After the song)

Ggong) Ahh!! Goooooooooooood!! Hope that not only myself but someone who is clapping together and with saying like “wow! good” could be with me now. A litte bit lonely… arrrrr…..anyway thank you for your singing.

Ggong) How long do you think it take for me to play the guitar like this?
Tearliner ) It’ll take about a month to play like me?
Ggong) Just for a month? really?
Tearliner) Yes. Just very hard one hour a day for one month..
Ggong) Aei… can play like this in one month? That’s not true…
Tearliner ) No… This is true. kekekeke…
Ggong) You’re laughing! That elementary school teacher laughs! If he (tearguitar) says something, I would get to believe it.
Tearliner) Ah! If you want play like that brother, you might need more time. But if you sing while playing the rhythm guitar, it’s ok. One month!
Ggong) Hope I can learn to play it from Tearliner. Now, I suddenly have a feeling that I strongly want to beat Mr. Lee Min Ki who already learnt to play the guitar just two times from Tearliner and showed on TV.

Ggong) Well, we have only 4 more days left in year 2008, how was your year?
Tearguitar) Very hectic year 2008. I had to study for entering late University, had to keep making movies OST.
Tearliner) Also I’ve been making movies OST, and watching movie or documentary this year. Now I came to think of it, really I had a flaneur life in 2008. Because this way of life just suits me, if I look at guitar brother’s life, sometimes I feel pity for him and sometimes I think he’s great. BTW, brother told me that he loved his busy life that way.
Ggong) arrr… uh..
Tearliner ) Most of all, I feel sorry that our Low-end Project’s album production is being delayed.

Ggong) Although, Tearliner, he even expressed he feels pity for you, you have passion for music and played guitar, made OST, even studied for your major education, sooner or later, also you’ll be an elementary school teacher, if you become a teacher, it will be a main job and then like your music or your band activity guitar life would be your hobby?
Tearguitar) It could be so… well, I’d be very sorry if I say music is just hobby. If I say music is just a job, it sounds a little strange to me.

Ggong ) Yes… Music is just a thing that I can enjoy. That’s all. it’ll be ok.
Tearguitar) Basically, music is that I enjoy itself or someone could be happy through me. Therefore, it could be possible enough, even if I might have a job whatever, I think I could do music itself.

Tearliner) I have a word that I always say in this case. There is a word like “what is, a job, your music to you then? It’s a passion”, in a movie “In the cut” by Meg Ryan. So, I usually reply using this word “passion” whenever someone ask me like “Music is your main job or side job?”
Ggong ) That’s nice! “Music is a passion to me.” hahaha!
Tearliner) Actually, the word is nice, but really it’s not. I much prefer hanging out.
Ggong) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA hahahahahahahaha!!!

Tearliner) There’s no passion in me, so I fall into a big dilemma now. It is beyond a joke for myself, I have to work hard though, there is not a passion but there is shallow compositional technique, so I’m seriously thinking about it these days. Sometimes, I’d like to be a soccer director, I’m looking into getting a certificate of qualification.

Ggong) Today, Tearliner caused me have a big laugh. You intended to do it. It’s very very fun. hehehe…
Tearliner) Well, I’m talking too seriously today. hahahahaha!!
Ggong) That’s why it’s fun. You talked seriously. well.. this is all true story. I don’t think you intend to make fun. (sigh) huh… But, I’ll also seriously think for you, eventhough I cannot help you out. HAHAHAHAHA… therefore, I’d like to say something that I can help you.

Ggong) I think Tearguitar brother is very nice. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether who is good at his studies or not. There is a friend who is good at studying and also good at playing in our school days for years. Perhaps, you were a this type of student? You don’t seem to be common at all. I guess… You could have sensibility that is not the same as others, but you don’t express it too much. He might be an impressionable youngster.
Tearliner) Yes, right. right..he was..
Ggong) Was he? He could imagine something by himself, only in his world making his own kingdom.
Tearliner) Oh!! Then, he could be a psycho.

Ggong) Ha hahahaha!! arrrr.. well, Where was I? What I’m talking about now? Ah! Also I wasn’t a boy who was bad at my books when I was young. But later, I didn’t study hard coz I was lost in many thoughts. Then, there are friends who are good at their studies, in spite of playing a lot outside. I might have had a longing for those friends unconsciously. There were always many that kind of friends around me. So, I would’ve had a secret desire to join that group. I cannot say I’m the same as that kind of friends, but look at you,Tearguitar, you wear horn-rimmed glasses, checkered pattern shirt, casual jeans… you look very free. Coming to think that you’ll be a teacher in the near future, I get to think you are very nice. If you are a teacher, you could play the guitar in front of students…

Tearguitar) Yes. Recently, I’vt been to a school for teaching practice and played the guitar in front of them on the last day, then I thought they’ll be delighted with it.
Ggong ) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!
Tearguitar) But they seemed to very sleepy.
Ggong ) Ah! Cause they are elementary school students!? They could want you to play something like BigBang’s songs.. hehehe… Like saying “We like BigBang!” hehehe
Tearguitar) So, I put it back in the guitar bag miserably.
Tearliner) Perhaps, he might have expected too much for their reaction.
Ggong) How come are you so pessimistic! Anyway, that’s why I like Tearliner and Tearguitar. But there is something I can’t express well.

4. “Baby one more time” by Britney Spears (*Chorus Ggong), “Creep” by Radiohead

Ggong) wow! It’ll be fun! How is the chorus? As you mentioned before..
Tearliner ) Let’s sing together!
Ggong) I’ll try it once, I’ll try it, as I’m lonely and I want to join you..
Tearliner) If I sing this part first, then you chorus “and I”, “still believe”. This is the most important part!…
Ggong ) (testing and singing that part in advance) HA HA HA HA!! It sound strange~ If it’s funny while I’m singing along, you have to keep singing, not stopping. Now, I will try it. Arrrr…. What a shame!

5. “Rain Coat” by Tearliner (CP ost), “Ocean Travel” by Lee Sun Gyun

Ggong) Wow…!!! Thanks for giving your harmonies.
Tearguitar) No problem. It’s my job!
Ggong ) HA HA HA HA ha hahahaha!!
Tearliner ) Oh! You’re better than Sun Gyun brother.

Ggong) Ah… kekeke.. Truly, I don’t know how I sing. I’m hurry to follow original singers. I express directly the way of singing skill. When Sun Gyun sang this, I thought his voice and his way of singing suit the song. It is the first time that I can sing as very pure and good voice.
Tearliner ) Wow, You did a good job though!
Ggong) As always I tend to use my low-end vibration when I sing. I get to vibrate my voice unconsciously, it’s the first time that I sang pure and simple. I thought that if I just sing good style, I’m not a good singer when I was young. But now, I don’t think like that. Anyway that’s wonderful. Also, it is the first time I sang along to the guitar melody in front of mic.

Ggong) Ahhhh! Today, both of you played the unplugged live music, could you play another one for us? Coz we have a little time left. When I think unplugged, ” that is.. (..라구요 )” by Kang San Ae hits me. It seems not particularly good on Christmas, too depressed?
Tearliner) Well, we will play for you, you can sing.

Ggong) Arrrrrrrrrr! I don’t know how come I sang, coz I had a headset on my ears.
Tearguitar) You’re reeeeeeeeally good at singing!
Tearliner ) I’m sorry that I cannot give you nice guitar playing.
Ggong ) No… It was very good. I think I could sing while playing the guitar.
Tearguitar) If you do that, you’d be super.

Ggong ) After all, I sang a song. phew…. What a shame. I’m not sure how my singing was for listeners.
Tearliner ) It would be a Xmas gift for listeners.

Ggong) I’m happy today due to both of you. I feel better. If I was alone, I might have felt lonely very much. And I am glad I can be face to face with Tearguitar brother. Hope we meet up together again later when I see Tearliner.
Tearliner/Tearguitar/Ggong) Happy Christmas!!


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